Vision & Mission

In less than over three decades, Shaikhani's powerful vision and determination has gone beyond any other business conglomerate. Under the leadership of a visionary, what began as a vision has transformed into a passion driven by the pursuits of excellence, vigor and integrity.

Shaikhani is presently charting a new course of growth by replicating its successful business model in Dubai. Currently extending its expertise in creating landmark affordable projects throughout the Middle East, Shaikhani is also developing new competencies in hospitality and leisure, education as well as healthcare, which have all been conceptualized from its holistic approach to customer service and property development.

Shaikhani has built its name through over 30,000 landmark property development units across the world. The group mirrors dedication to providing top-notch regional and global commercial and residential projects. Maintaining an impressive roster of property projects and ambitious expansion plans, Shaikhani has distinguished itself by offering innovative and high-quality themed-projects and unparalleled customer service.

Leveraging on its strengths for successful real estate development worldwide, Shaikhani plays a key role in identifying untapped, emerging and growing markets, diversifying the source of revenues and bringing together resources from different entities, thus strengthening the global brand.