The Shaikhani Group of Companies (earlier known as Memon Group of Companies) is a multi-billion dollar international business conglomerate with diversified interests in real estate development, trading, manufacturing and IT. The multinational diversified business group maintains its headquarters in Dubai. The Shaikhani Group recently implemented a major restructuring initiative, which has allowed for a more stronger market presence across 90 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.


Armed with an experience of over 30 years in real estate development and having delivered over 30,000 units across the world since it first began its operations in 1978, the Group announced in 2008 of its plans to invest AED 1 billion in freehold property development projects in the UAE. The Shaikhani Group of Companies was launched in the Gulf in 1993 and has since been remodeling the UAE property development sector by delivering quality projects and services to its customers.


The Shaikhani Group has maintained unwavering support to its chosen charitable organization under their banner, the Shaikhani Foundation (formerly, Rabia Charitable Foundation). For almost two decades now, the multinational diversified group has been an inspiration to millions worldwide with the key programs and initiatives of the Rabia Charitable Foundation. The group has helped establish schools and computer institutes with subsidized fees, mosques, hospitals that offer subsidized rates for the general public and free treatment for registered and homeless people, units with self-generating income facilities and housing projects that presently shelters over 3,200 families.


Shaikhani Group achieves success through involvement of people at all levels both within and outside the organization. Shaikhani is encouraged to continuously Consult, Collaborate and Contribute ideas encompassing all aspects of the business. Involving people is facilitated by the transparency in approach, non hierarchal structure and encouragement for innovation. By involving people we motivate Associates, enhance their sense of belonging and instill entrepreneurial spirit.


Information, innovation, and communication in real time are at the foundation of applying knowledge. This is facilitated by a fully networked organization which is intelligently connected. We believe in staying ahead of the knowledge curve, and the adaptation of appropriate know-how to design, develop, test, and deliver top-notch products and solutions to our customers.