Quality Standards CSR Policy


Through our efforts, we are looking to contribute to a greater economic and social development of the UAE by fostering closer relations with the government and trade bodies, and instigating corporate social responsibility initiatives.

We consider both our employees and associates to be the Brand Ambassadors of our company; hence, we believe that our efforts should outline our background, underline our objectives and highlight our aspirations, so as to foster pride of employment and association.


Shaikhani has outlined an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign for the Middle East, which entails sponsorship and support to a host of charitable institutions, environmental agencies and other NGOs across the region.

Shaikhani' commitment to CSR will develop into a course of actions to elevate the value of life for the different segments of society. Consequently, the company plans to engage in programmes that aim to alleviate the burdens of poverty and promote quality education, and is currently in the process of forming alliances with other NGOs and charitable institutions.