Shaikhani Foundation

The Shaikhani Foundation is a subsidiary of the Shaikhani Group of Companies. The foundation's aim is to promote the well being of today's society and has led various initiatives and projects that have been created for the purpose of extending assistance and aid to people in desperate need. The vision of the Shaikhani Foundation is 'to serve humanity in the light of Islamic teaching, regardless of caste, creed and religion.' DARD, one of the foundation's latest undertakings, is a joint effort between the Shaikhani Foundation and the WMO that aims to provide relief and rescue efforts to flood victims. The projects cheap bridesmaid dresses is broken down into three phases; Rescue, Relief and Rehabilitation. So far, DARD has been able to rescue over 3,000 people, set up two relief camps and provide 5,000 ration bags to flood victims. A Shaikhani Model Village is being envisioned to help provide new homes to these flood victims.